Ruling and Orders

​Below are links to the decisions of the Wisconsin Tax Appeals Commission dating back to 1984, alphabetical by Petitioner name. 

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Earlier decisions have also been published and may be available through search engines, such as Google, or legal research websites. 

Higher court decisions are listed separately here

Decisions demonstrating issues frequently addressed by the Commisssion can be found here

You have the right to inspect and copy certain records under Wisconsin’s Public Records Law, §§ 19.31​-19.39, Wis. Stats​.See more information here.

Categories of cases appealed to the TAC include the major state-imposed taxes, available tax credits, and manufacturing property assessments. 

The following letters appear within a Commission case number and designate the subject matter of the case:
C- Cigarette Tax​
​P - Premier Tax
​D- Drug/Controlled Substance​ TaxR - Recycling Tax
​E- EqualizationS- Sales/Use Tax
​F- Farmland Preservation Credit*T- Real Estate Transfer Fee
G- Gift Tax ​U- Utility Tax
H- Homestead Credit*V- Vehicle/Gen’l. Aviation Fuel Tax
​I- Income/Franchise TaxW-Withholding Tax
J- Declaratory JudgmentX​-Event/Sales Tax
L- Liquor/Excise TaxYMunicipal Fee*
​M- Manufacturing Assessment​**

*Filing Fee Not Required
**Beginning in 2021, Manufacturing cases are distinguished using MP (Personal Property) and MR (Real Estate Property)
Filing Fee Not Required for Earned Income Credit